The new elongation in watermelon
Rusticity and exceptional yield
Features and benefits:
• New generation hybrid suitable for early planting under caterpillars and
seasonal crops in open fields.
• Plant: of good rustic vigor, with good fruit setting in various conditions.
• Fruit oblong to elongated, the average weight varies from 10 to 15 kg and 7
can reach 18 Kg in crops of grafted plants.
• Firm flesh of intense red to red color with good taste quality.
• Excellent compatibility with SYNGENTA rootstocks
– Fon: 0.1 (Fusarium oxysporum f. Sp. Niveum races 0 and 1).
– Co 1: 1 (Colletotrichum orbicular race 1) (Cummun name: Anthracnose).


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