An indeterminate hybrid tomato for fresh market. Newton is a relatively compact plant with short
internodes. This means more trusses per stem by the time the crop is topped or reaches the trellising
wire. Excellent fruit shelf life.
Newton has approximately 6-7 fruit per truss and should not need truss pruning. However, in open-field
plantings of Newton it has potential for both large fruit and value pack-sized fruit from the same truss.
Newton has the characteristic of maintaining a good fruit size late into the cropping cycle without any
truss pruning.


Earliness: Medium early
Maturity: 75-85 days from transplanting

Plant: Indeterminate vigorous plant that adapts very well to open field and under protection Compact plant


Globe shape Jointed
Intense red colour
Very uniform fruits (shape and size)
Good cracking tolerance
Small-neat calyx- and blossom scar
High pack out

Average Fruit Weight: 140-165 grams


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