Optimus Plus Biostimulants & Quality Improvement Amino acid INTRODUCTION 

Optimus Plus: Ready made amino acids fully utilized by the plant, thus saving energy and optimizing yield and quality of crops. 

Optimus Plus: Empowers the plant, helps to release from stress caused by adverse weather or pest attack, salinity, so the stomata closed resulting of stress re-open, photosynthesis increases, aging slows down, the plant is enabled to profit of the collected amino acid in free form. 

Optimus Plus: Activates the plants natural defence mechanism, acting as a biostimulant and increasing tolerance to pests and disease. 

Optimus Plus: Helps in fertilization and fruiting. The germination of the pollen on the stigma and afterwards the healthy and rapid development of it within the style depends on the amino acids retained by the organs of the flower. The conduction of the style with the ovary is possible provided that the filaments are capable of using the sugar and amino acid at sufficient rates. 

Optimus Plus: Improves the soil/substrate environment by encouraging beneficial microbial activity. 

Optimus Plus: Totally degradable in the environment. Optimus Plus: Expands the plant’s capacity to capture the nutrients and accelerates the movements of these within the plant. The nutrients are totally absorbed by stomata and the permeability of the cellular membrane increases, thus the penetration accelerates. 

Optimus Plus: Increases the largeness of the fruit, provides homogeneity of the fruit and the harvest. 

Optimus Plus: contains the amino acids of the best quality affects the maturation directly. Because, many enzymes and proteins that are regulators at the maturation step are formed by the amino acids. 

Optimus Plus: Provides plant a high nutrition concentration, and low precipitation, thus helps in forming a strong root structure. 

Optimus Plus: Improves the uptake of micronutrient fertilizers (e.g. Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu) due to the activity of amino acids as natural chelators. 

Optimus Plus: Contributes into fruits’ maintaining a good colour and strong flavour. 



Organic Substance 50-55% Total Amio acid 36% Free Amio acid 28-32% Organic Carbon 20% Total nitrogen (N) 4% Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O) 1% 


Crop Application Rate Application period Objective 

By drip Irrigation Foliar application Per 100 liter water In all crops 350-400 ml/Da 125-150 ml Several application depend on status of crops 

Reduction of stress, improvement of the efficiency of plant protection treatment Vegetables in greenhouses 

300-350 ml/Da 100-125 ml 2-3 application every 10-15 days, starting from planting 

Increases crop yield and quality 

Open field vegetables 

350-400 ml/Da 125-150 ml 2-3 applications every 7-10 days after the first true leaf stage 

Increases crop yield and quality 

Ornamental plants and tree nursery, turf grass, landscaping (in general) 

350-400 ml/Da 100-125 ml 2-3 applications every 7-12 days starting from planting 

Supports plant resistance to stress, root formation and nutrient uptake 

Horticultural fruit trees 

400-450 ml/Da or 20-25 ml per tree 

125-150 ml Several applications, every 10-15 days, starting from the pre- blooming stage. 

Increases crop yield and quality 

Cereals, potatoes, legumes 

350-400 ml/Da 125-150 ml 3 applications every 15 days after the first true leaf stage 

Supports plant resistance to stress, root formation and nutrient uptake 


COMPATİBİLİTY: Is compatible with most pesticides and soluble fertilizers, Urea, Ca products, trace elements, it’s recommended to premix in small trial before applied. 

STORAGE CONDITION Keep in the original pack, under normal conditions (at a cool and dry place). Do not expose to direct sunlight. Keeps its physical and chemical properties for 3 years minimum under normal conditions. Storage temperature must be between +5 and +400C. 


  • Keep away from Never exceed the appropriate dose rates and just use required area 
  • Use masks, gloves and goggles during fertilization 
  • Avoid contact with eye, face and skin, in case of contact, wash with plenty of water 
  • Don’t use another purpose used empty package, dispose them. 
  • children and food 


Manufacturer and License Company: Company Name : AGRİ SCİENCES TARIM VE İLAÇ ÜR. SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. Adress : Bekir Saydam Caddesi Pancar No: 45 Torbalı / İZMİR Telephone : +90 0232 864 13 33 

Fax : +90 0232 864 1 



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