A medium-early hybrid for production in early summer and autumn. Can successfully be used in winter
months too. Spacestar is a vigorous, medium-early hybrid with a short growing cycle. The vigorous plant
has good curd protection surrounded by medium erect outer leaves. The leaves are medium green. The
plants produce high-quality, flat-round curds with nice tight florets.
The curds sit deep in the plant and are very firm, heavy and well-protected by the inner leaves.
Spacestar is suitable for both fresh market and processing.
Recommended plant density is 3.5 – 4 plants/m 2 .



Ecology: Open field
Variety: Usage Fresh/processing
Earliness: Medium early
Maturity: 75 – 85 days (Summer) 90 – 100 days (Winter)

Plant Type: Medium sized frame with upright habit
Head Size: Large
Average Head: Weight 0.4kg – 1.2kg
Field Standing: Good
Plant Vigour: Strong
Culture: Sow in spring for harvest from early summer to autumn and early winter


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