Hybrid, elongated, Crimson Sweet type seeded watermelon. Farao is a high yielding, medium-early, elongated, Crimson Sweet  F1 seeded watermelon.   Strong plant vigour with a very good vine growth habit. Shown excellent uniformity and fruit set with high interior quality.  Produces large elongated blocky shaped fruits. Medium-green with broad, medium dark-green stripes. Medium thickness but durable rind for long distance shipping.

Characterized by flavorful, dark red flesh texture with high sugars and small brown seeds.


Earliness Medium early
Maturity 75 – 85 Days
Plant Strong plant vigour

Very good vine growth habit

Fruit Elongated to blocky shape

Dark red flesh texture

High sugars content

Small brown seeds

Very good interior quality

Firm and flavourful

Medium-green  with  broad, medium dark-green stripes.


Fruit weight

10 – 14 kg
Disease Resistance IR: Fon: 0, 1 / Co:1


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