YaraTera Deltaspray 15-15-30 is a fully water soluble fertilizer containing Boron,
Copper, Iron, Manganese and Lead complexes. YaraTera Deltaspray 15-15-30 should
be used during flowering. It can be combined with widely used insecticides, fungicides
and other fertilizers other than those containing Sulfur, Calcium and Molybdenum. This
allows the product to be easily added to crop protection programs and saves the
producer from additional applications that require time and money.


  • N15%
    o Nitrate7.1%
    o Ammonia2.7%
    o Urinary5.2%
  • P  2  O  5 15%
  • K  2  O30%
  • SO  3 5%
  • B0.01%
  • 0.01% Cu
  • Fe0.05%
  • Mn0.02%
  • Mo0.001%
  • Zn0.02%
  • Shape: Crystalline


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