YaraTera Kristalon Green Label ( 18-18-18 + B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo and Zn) is a water soluble NPK fertiliser for liquid feeding.

Contains a full range of chelated micronutrients ideal for all fertigation systems.

Suitable for all crops this is a general purpose balanced formula with elevated micronutrient content. A higher proportion of ammonium-N in this ‘label’ formula makes it more suited to acidic soil and hydroponic systems.


  • N18%
    • NO39.8%
    • NH48.2%
  • P2O518%
  • K2O18%
  • B0.05%
  • Cu0.02%
  • Fe0.14%
  • Mn0.08%
  • Mo0.008%
  • Zn0.05%
  • Chloride Free
  • Form: Powder


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