YaraTera® Tenso® Iron 58
6% water-soluble iron
4 % iron (Fe) as chelate of HBED
1.8% iron (Fe) as chelate of EDDHMA

YaraTera Tenso Iron provides your crops with iron. You can use the product in irrigation fertilization in under-glass cultivation and outdoors.

The product remains stable between pH 3.5 and pH 11. It is a fully water-soluble iron-chelate powder and not dusty.

Iron has a central function in chlorophyll formation. Plants with an iron deficiency first show typical chloroses on the young leaves. The leaves turn yellow except for the leaf veins. Many crops react quickly and extremely to iron deficiency, e.B tomatoes, wine, strawberries, peaches, apples, pears, plums, gerbera, primroses, surfinia and roses.

Product Benefits:

  • fast green colouring and long-lasting effect
  • non-dusting microgranules
  • mixable with water-soluble fertilizers (e..B. YaraLiva Calcinit, YaraTera Krista-K Plus or YaraTera Kristalon nutrient salts)
  • highly effective, even compared to EDDHA chelates


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